Product Overview

Technology to Address the High Cost of Tactical Surveillance

Watchman’s Tactical Camera and Viewer Systems are delivered as complete video surveillance solutions designed by officers specifically for Temporary Tactical Surveillance and include several unique features not found in traditional video surveillance solutions.

Our Virtual Stakeout System includes several unique features not found in traditional video surveillance solutions. It comes with a Pole Mounted Camera that can be installed 20 feet off the ground in less than 3 minutes without using a ladder or bucket truck. Other covert options are suitable for indoor, wall and vehicle mounting. All are unobtrusive and can stream high quality video for several days.

The Watchman C3 Incident Monitoring System consists of four rapidly deployed, battery powered cameras that can be set up in minutes around an incident site. Each camera comes with pole, wall, window and vehicle mounting options.

Most importantly, all of our cameras connect automatically to the supplied hand-held Portable Digital Video Recorders (PDVRs) and start transmitting as soon as they are turned on. Live video can also be monitored on officers’ smart phones, tablets and laptops. Both Watchman Systems also include a large screen Mobile Command and Control option for monitoring and recording multiple cameras and groups of cameras.

All Watchman products are fully integrated surveillance systems with self-contained power and automatic data transmission, that can be deployed in minutes by a single, non-technical officer.

Our prices are kept reasonable by leveraging the latest off-the-shelf technology, and several system configurations are deliberately priced to be within most agencies' discretionary budgets.

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