C3 Incident Management System

Rapidly Deployed, Tactical Surveillance Made Simple

Watchman’s Cyber Command and Control (C3) System is a complete video monitoring system designed by officers specifically to Enhance Situational Awareness for Tactical Deployments. It comprises equipment, options and features not found in traditional video surveillance solutions, with cameras that can be deployed in minutes by non-technical personnel.

These instantly deployable cameras are securely viewable wherever the Internet is available, on standard mobile or PC equipment, including officers’ personal or standard issue smart phones and tablets:
On-scene Situational Awareness is improved with real-time video steam delivered to officers and commanders
• If required, Remote Command Assistance can be provided by officers from HQ and other locations where they can monitor events as they are happening
• Live video feeds can be delivered to Remote Experts or Advisors (Hazmat, Hostage Negotiators, etc.) from almost anywhere in the world
• The system enables video communications with other Agencies in Mutual Aid scenarios.

Most importantly, all four of the systems cameras automatically connect to the included large screen, Mobile Command Console and start transmitting as soon as they are turned on. Live video can also be monitored on other officers’ smart phones, tablets and laptops. This automatic and flexible connectivity is a unique Watchman feature and delivered through Watchman Connect - our ultra reliable and secure cloud service that authenticates and connects all Watchman Cameras and PDVRs.

Click here to download the Watchman Connect White Paper for more information:

C3 Incident Management System Components

The C3 Incident Management System comprises four Tactical Cameras and a Portable Command Console. The Cameras and Console are delivered in two ruggedized Pelican cases and can be deployed in minutes from a Command Vehicle or Patrol Car.

C3 IMS Tactical Camera

The C3 Tactical Camera is lightweight and weatherproof and measures approximately 8 x 5 x 2 inches. The camera is battery powered and the enclosure contains a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that can power the unit for over 12 hours. The unit is freestanding, allowing it to be readily placed on any wall or other flat surface, but mounting lugs on each side allow it to be rapidly pole mounted using the included Watchman Pole Mounting Kit. A standard tripod mount in the base allows the use of the included Mini Tripod for uneven surfaces or the included Suction Mount for vehicle or Window Mounting.

VSS Multi-View Portable Digital Video Recorder (MPDVR)

The MPDVR is based on the latest generation 10-inch iPad pre-loaded with the Watchman PDVR software. The tablet is protected with a ruggedized, waterproof case to meet the environmental requirements for a field device.

C3 IMS Command Console (IMS C2)

The C2 is based on an 18-inch Samsung View tablet that provides a large, high definition screen in a mobile form factor. Watchman has expanded the tablet into a complete system optimized for remote supervision of multiple Watchman cameras. It works on both LTE cellular and multi-band WiFi to deliver the maximum wireless connectivity, indoors or out. The system has independent power with a built-in, high-capacity battery, an illuminated wireless keyboard, and 500GB of Solid State Hard Drive.