C3 IMS Command Console

The C3 IMS Command Console) provides multi-camera viewing and recording for the VSS System. It can readily display 6-12 cameras simultaneously, and is therefore ideal for central monitoring of larger events with multiple cameras deployed, or for supervising several operational teams from a central location.

The Command Console is based around an 18-inch View tablet that provides a large, high definition display in a mobile form factor. Watchman has expanded the tablet into a complete system optimized for remote monitoring of multiple Watchman cameras:

The system has independent power with a built-in, high-capacity battery system that has been tested to operate the entire system continuously for over 14 hours. 110V and 12V chargers are also provided.

Data storage has been enhanced to support video recording with the included 500GB Solid State Hard Drive. A USB hub allows the addition of extra USB storage, if required.

A wireless, illuminated keyboard and touchpad allows access and control of the system from up to 30 feet away.

Like all Watchman components, the Command Console is pre-configured with Watchman Connect and Camera Viewing/Recording software to begin operating as soon as it is turned on. Watchman Connect leverages the industry standard NetMotion VPN for FIPS-level data security, and Watchman Cloud Services to initiate and maintain connectivity no matter where or how the Command Console or the cameras connect to the Internet.

Key Specifications
Command Console Digital Video Recorder
Display Type
Display Size 18.4 inches
Touch Screen
Octa-core 1.6GHz
Operating System
Android 5,1 Lollipop
Data Storage
32GB Internal, plus 500GB External SSD
External Ports
4-Port USB 2.0 Hub
2.4GHz Wireless (30ft. range), with touchpad, illuminated, rechargeable
Multi-band WiFi + T-Mobile LTE (SIM, first month unlimited data included)
External Battery
50,000mAh, 6 Port (4xUSB, 12V, 19V), 110V Charger, Cables, Connector Kit
Power Adapters
External 110V, 12V (cigarette lighter) adapters included
Protective Case
Ruggedized, waterproof (included)
Digital Video Monitoring and Recording Software pre-installed.
NetMotion Mobility client software pre-installed and configured.

Click here to download the Command Console Product Data Sheet:

Click here to download the Watchman Connect White Paper: