Multi-View Personal Digital Video Recorder

The C3 IMS Multi-View Portable Digital Video Recorder (MPDVR) is based on a 10-inch iPad pre-loaded with the Watchman PDVR software. The tablet is protected with a ruggedized, waterproof case to meet the environmental requirements of a field device.

The PDVR software allows multiple cameras (typically 4-6) to be monitored at one time. It features a one-button record mode, but also records on specific events such as motion detected in the image. The recorded image quality is 1080p, but the interface also allows high quality still photos to be taken from the camera at up to 13MP resolution and automatically downloaded to the PDVR.

The MPDVR has 128GB of Internal Memory which enables the device to store up to 16 hours of recorded HD video.

Key Specifications
iPad 5th Generation
Display Type
Backlit LED
Display Size 9.7 inches
Screen Resolution 2048 x 1536
Touch Screen
Processor Type
Processor Performance
64-bit A9 with Embedded M9 Coprocessor
Operating System
iOS 11
Storage Capacity
128GB Internal
WiFi (802.11abgnac)+ T-Mobile LTE (included)
Protective Case
Ruggedized (included)
Digital Video Monitoring and Recording S/W pre-installed.
NetMotion Mobility client software pre-installed and configured.