SWAT Incident Monitoring

The Watchman Cyber Command and Control System has been designed by Tactical Officers specifically to deliver Enhanced Situational Awareness for incidents such as this.

The four-camera C3 Incident Management System has been deployed on all four sides of this building where a suspect is holding up. The situation takes full advantage of the flexible mounting options that come with the IMS Tactical Cameras:

● Camera 1 is placed on a wall on the left side of the building
● Camera 2 is quickly mounted at a high elevation to the power pole to provide an overview
● Camera 3 is suction mounted to one of the squad cars parked at the front
● Camara 4 is suction mounted to one of the rear windows, looking in. This has been achieved without exposing the officer during the mounting process.

All four cameras are immediately monitored on the Mobile Command Console, with live video feeds also delivered to squad members personal iPhones. If required, the same video feed can also be transmitted to Command HQ for Command Assistance.